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We believe that anyone can be a Python developer. You need desire, diligence and discipline to achieve your goal. We take care of all the other things.


Our values

Education at IT Nova is based on three essential components of active learning:

Up-to-dated Curricula

The knowledge and skills that our students gain must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future. Therefore, we review and update our course program every six months.

Instructors - Practitioners

Instructors at IT Nova are specialists in their field with more than five years experience. The methods they teach you are the same methods they use on a day-to-day basis at leading companies. In our classrooms, students receive only relevant knowledge from real practice.

Friendly atmosphere

We have created a unique learning environment where teachers and students communicate on an equal footing. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workplaces, computer equipment, and licensed software.

For whom

Who the program is designed for

Get their first profession without delaying their dream of becoming a programmer

Master a second profession in parallel with their university education

Who are not satisfied with their current career and financial outlook, will be able to retrain as a software developer and build a career in the IT-industry

Systematize their knowledge and get working skills demanded in modern IT


Educational program

The program is based on the real demands of the IT market. Our methodologists and teachers are constantly working to improve and update it, so that graduates of the Academy Nova can prove themselves worthy in front of employers.

  • Introduction to web technologies. HTML structure. Formatting Text with HTML
  • Formatting with CSS
  • Graphics in Web Design. Optimizing graphics. Hyperlinks. Principles of site navigation
  • Tables. Forms. Frames
  • Positioning. Web page design in blocks
  • Introduction to Python Web Programming
  • Branching operators, loops, exceptions
  • Lines, lists. Sorting, searching
  • Modules, functions. Tuples, sets, dictionaries
  • Files. Data packaging. Version control systems
  • OOP. Data structures. Design patterns. MVC pattern
  • SOLID Class Design Principles
  • Modular testing
  • Parallel, multithreading and network programming
  • Introduction to working with databases
  • Using databases in Python, Numpy and Pandas libraries. Frameworks
  • Teamwork, software project management
  • Introduction to JavaScript. JavaScript objects.
  • Event Handling. Browser Object Model. Document Object Model
  • Forms. Checking the validity of forms. Using Cookies
  • Canvas, support for media capabilities
  • JSON, Ajax
  • Introduction to jQuery. Events and jQuery. Styles and Animations
  • Interaction with the DOM. AJAX and jQuery
  • Using jQuery plugins
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You will be able

At the end of the course you will be able:

  • Use the fundamental principles of creating desktop programs in Python;
  • Write scripts to automate application tasks for Windows/*Nix platforms;
  • Understand functional programming principles;
  • Understand the principles of object-oriented programming and apply them to software development;
  • Use OOP patterns and design the structure of programmes in the UML language;
  • Use and understand the multithreading principles of the Python language;
  • Work with relational databases and ORM;
  • Work with popular NoSQL databases;
  • Serialize and parse data using JSON, XML and standard Python tools;
  • Create multithreaded and asynchronous servers on sockets and develop client-server solutions;
  • Develop web applications using Django framework;
  • Work with the Git repository. Write unit tests, load tests, and automated tests;
Forms of study

Forms of study

Development in PYTHON

R 3041 per months

R 2534 per month

The python programming course for beginners takes place in a well-equipped classroom. You do not need to bring your own gadgets.


A maximum of 16 people are enrolled in classes at a time.


The emphasis is on hands-on learning. Learning of the material is supervised and assisted by a teacher.


Based on the basics, students work on full-fledged projects, from which a portfolio is created at the end of the course. Examples of projects:

- A city portal for tourists

- Fitness club management software

- Database for higher education institution

- Literary e-shop

- Pollster

- Interactive voting software

- Management system for personnel control


Our main goal is to employ all our graduates who have completed the Python programming language from scratch. You have a chance to start your professional activity even before you graduate, because we invite recruiters from the Academy's partner companies - potential employers - to defend your educational projects.


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12 month

17-55 years old

2 times a week for 4 academic hours

62 Fairway Close, Parow, Cape Town, 7500


How we teach

The training process in Nova is focused on developing practical professional skills without any distraction: no written exams, no memorizing, only specific tests for self-assessment.


IT Nova students receive international diplomas


Companies where the Nova graduates work

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